Guest speaker

The Politics of Reconciliation

Group learned first-hand from Dr. David Campt, nationally-recognized expert and speaker on interpersonal dialogue, about his inspirational and impactful work. In learning about “The Politics of Reconciliation,” we heard David speak about important topics such as “how to talk to racism skeptics” and “how to speak with people in politically polarized situations.” The skills that he teaches are crucial in doing our anti-racism work, especially during this era of extreme political divisiveness.

Dr. David Campt is a nationally-recognized dialogue expert with a specialization in inclusion and equity. For over 25 years, his work has focused on establishing dialogue strategies that connect and build better organizations and communities. With his exclusive, scientifically-proven methods, he has educated thousands on engaging with compassion and empathy.

David has published numerous books, guides, and papers demonstrating how to use dialogue effectively in the most complicated and emotionally-charged situations—which includes addressing racism skeptics and political polarization. As Founder and Principal of The Dialogue Company, David has produced impactful initiatives that have created dozens of courses and learning opportunities for individuals and groups. The initiatives include the Ally Conversation Toolkit (ACT), the White Ally Toolkit, and, most recently, the Voters Organized to Influence Critical Elections (VOICE) project. Out of his passion for encouraging empathetic civic engagement, he has written Compassion Transforms Contempt, which gives white progressives guidance about how to talk about the 2020 election most effectively.

David’s specific work on dismantling racism was featured by several prominent media outlets such as Think Progress and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (December 2018 and July 2020).