Guest speaker

Anti-racism as a spiritual practice

Description of the presentation:
Allison Mahaley explored the three pillars of spirituality with regard to being an anti-racist in the 21st Century. American white supremacist culture has left an indelible mark on each person’s identity with unconscious bias playing a huge role in our minds on a daily basis. How do we use our bodies and spirits to undo that conditioning and emerge with our minds trained on freedom and not perpetuating old models of oppression? Allison shared how being rooted in UU values provides a roadmap.

Allison is an anti-racism trainer, coach, change consultant and CEO, Red Fern, LLC.

Her current work is focused on dismantling racism, at the personal, team, organization and systemic levels. In this work, she partners with clients to understand their aims, and then crafts action-oriented learning interventions to help them connect anti-racism efforts to individual and organizational performance metrics. This work often takes the form of strategic leadership team interventions, where she works with leadership teams to identify issues, learn new skills and create plans for culture change. In other instances, this work takes the form of large-group workshops, or multi-stage learning journeys – all with the focus on individual performance to recognize and overcome bias, and then learn new skills of compassionate dialogue to create connection where currently there are divides.